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New Dinner Set and Shop Updates

Christi Becker From the Studio News Special Offer

It's 7 o'clock. On a Tuesday night.

And I am wiped out. I thought I'd come home with the energy to cook a meal with Nick, my husband, but I just sent him out for a Chinese dinner. I have a new project (or two) that I've been working on at the shop and I feel like maybe that's a good enough excuse.. so I have to share! I have just finished a dinner-set that is both elegant and practical. My objective was to design a set of dishes that functioned well and were objects that would be used at any time of the day (given that they are clean and out of the dishwasher!). I also wanted to create a batch of each individual piece so that you could buy a piece to the series if you wanted. 

This set is will be available here as a whole on April 9th. There are only two complete sets to this series so I want to make them available first. A set includes (1) plate, bowl, mug, tumbler and a dainty spoon. The next week, on April 16th, the remaining wares will be marked for individual sale for those of you that just want one piece. Every piece is made slightly different, which is perfect because every hand is slightly different. I believe it is really important to physically pick out your ceramic set. I'm hoping that after you purchase your wares, you will come to the shop to pick up your set or piece and find that perfect fit. 


I am also very proud of our new window decals at the shop :) Big shout out to Carole Stuenkel at Cazzie Creative for putting together the puzzle that is our storefront. The designs turned out wonderfully and are super eye catching. The last two pieces to the puzzle, a large sign above the store and a framed hanging sign, will be installed soon. I can't wait for this project to be complete, it's so close! Talk to you later!

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